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Persian Light Yellow
Travertine Tile
Yellow Travertine, Persian Travertine Light Yellow

The unique and most beautiful natural stone all over the world and it's the heritage of ancient Persia, you will never find any sameness to this. It’s one of the most famous among Persian Travertine Tiles.

Available in: Polished, Brushed, Tumbled, Unpolished, Filled and Honed
Sizes: 12x12x3/8, 16x16x1/2, 18x18x1/2, 24x24x1/2, 24x12x1/2, 24x16x1/2, 2 CM slab, 3 CM slab

Shipping: Exporting in special packaging

List of Travertine Products
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IT-CL-01  Travertine IT-CL-02  Travertine IT-CL-03  Travertine IT-CL-04  Travertine IT-CL-05  Travertine IT-CL-06  Travertine CLASSIC Travertine All variety of color Cross Cut
IT-VCT-01  Travertine IT-VCT-02  Travertine IT-VCT-03  Travertine IT-VCT-04  Travertine IT-VCT-05  Travertine IT-VCT-06  Travertine IT-VCT-07  Travertine IT-VCT-08  Travertine IT-VCT-09  Travertine IT-VCT-10  Travertine IT-VCT-11  Travertine IT-VCT-12  Travertine Persian Vein Cut Travertin
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