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Cream Grade A
Travertine Tile
Travertine, Cream Grade A Travertine

The most beautiful travertine color is used as flooring or wall covering tiles, also it would be suitable for bathroom and kitchen

Available in: Polished, Brushed, Tumbled, Unpolished, Filled and Honed
Sizes: 12x12x3/8, 16x16x1/2, 18x18x1/2, 24x24x1/2, 24x12x1/2, 24x16x1/2, 2 CM slab, 3 CM slab

Shipping: Exporting in special packaging

List of Travertine Products
Travertine,IT-CRT-01 Travertine Travertine,IT-CRT-02 Travertine Travertine,IT-CRT-03 Travertine Travertine,IT-CRT-04 Travertine Cream Travertine All variety of color in Cross Cut
Travertine, IT-CL-01 Travertine Travertine, IT-CL-02 Travertine Travertine, IT-CL-03 Travertine Travertine, IT-CL-04 Travertine Travertine, IT-CL-05 Travertine Travertine, IT-CL-06 Travertine CLASSIC Travertine All variety of color Cross Cut
Travertine, IT-VCT-01 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-02 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-03 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-04 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-05 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-06 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-07 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-08 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-09 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-10 Travertine, IT-VCT-11 Travertine Travertine, IT-VCT-12 Travertine Persian Vein Cut Travertin
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